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Twitter downvote button Android and latest Updates to 2020

Twitter is an online American social networking system. This service, allow users to interact with each other in short messages known as tweets. It is the most popular microblogging service and social media platform with 100 million active users. Users which are registered can like, post, and retweet. But unregistered users can only read the tweets. The browser or mobile advance software is the source of interaction with Twitter for the users.

Twitter downvote button Android and latest Updates to 2020

Users can tweet with 140 limited characters. But it doubled in November 2017 to 280 characters.  Tweets with audio and video were restricted to the limit of 140 seconds. The assistance is given by Twitter, a corporation that depends in California, San Fransico, and it has  25 offices or over 25 worldwide. 

FAQs About Twitter App

What is the history behind Twitter?

Twitter is discovered by Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, on 3, 2006, and launched on 6, 2006. The major reason for the popularity of Twitter was a southwest interactive (SXSWi) conference that was held in 2007. The usage of Twitter enhanced tweets from 20,000 to 60,000 per day. In 2007, 40,000 tweets were posted per quarter. In 2008, it enhanced to a hundred million tweets. Twitter got the Breakout “webby award” of the Year” in 2009. In 2010 per day customers were sending 50 million tweets. In 2011, about 140 million tweets were posted.

When did Twitter become popular?

Twitter usage reached its peak during special events. For example, during the FIFA world cup 2010, people made a record to post 2,940 tweets each second. The history was set again in the 2010 NBA finals. At that time 3,085 tweets were published after Los Angeles Lakers' victory on June 17, 2010.

Again, this record was broken by Japan against Denmark when the public posted 3,283 tweets. The record was made again during the final of the FIFA women's world cup in 2011. The match was between the United States and Japan, and 7,196 tweets posted on every second. The record in 2013 was placed by japan with 143,199 tweets. This record was set at the time of the television series Castle in the sky.                                                                                                           

Twitter gained a lot of success in 2020 because of COVID-19. In July 2020, a major hack on Twitter affect both verified and unverified 130 high-level accounts. These accounts include Elon musk, Bill gate, and Barack Obama. This hack helps the scammers of bitcoin to send the tweets through the recognized profiles and requests users to send their bitcoins to double the money.

Elon musk purchased 9.1% of Twitter on 4th April 2022 for $2.64 billion. On April 14 Musk take the company private and buys for $43 billion. He said that he prefer and believed in the necessity of freedom of expression for democracy around the globe.

Features of Twitter:

  • People can see tweets by default. But the sender has a command to constrict message sending only to their friends or followers.
  • The user can mask the persons they don’t want to communicate with
  • Users can remove the account from the follower list
  • User can update their profile picture through their mobile by text messages or via some apps on tablets and various smartphones
  • Users are capable to tweet via a website or from a smartphone or by SMS present in certain countries
  • When users subscribe, another user is known as a following, and one who subscribes is a follower
  • Users can comment, like, and retweet their friend or favorite celebrity tweets
  • Quote tweets known as retweets with comments since 2020

What are the main features of Twitter for business?

  • Create lists of accounts
  • Scheduling tweets on Twitter
  • Create a moment
  • Switching twitter profiles
  • Moderate who takes part in our conversation

Twitter terminologies:

  • Mentions
  • Tweets and retweets
  • Followers
  • Hashtags
  • Like
  • Direct message

How does Twitter help reporters?

Twitter has often been used to quickly disseminate breaking news even faster than traditional social networks like channels. In 2009, when the US Airways plane crash-landed, Janis Krums was the first person who spread this news via Twitter.

Many celebrities, politicians, and athletes use Twitter to share information with their fans instead of other media platforms. Reporters can share their stories very quickly with one-sided pieces of information.

Twitter latest updates to 2022:

Twitter introduces new updates to facilitate users and maintain their experience like another social networking platform. The important updates to 2022 include twitter blue, flocks, subscription services, and some other features to make the platform easy to use.

Twitter blue

Twitter blue is a premium subscription service that started in 2021. It provides various significant features to its users. The premium monthly service provides significant features and a customization app. That contains bookmarking options, themes, and an undo button that allows users to undo the sending tweet within 30 seconds.

Twitter blue is not an ads-free service, but it has a feature to permit its users to watch and read content without ads on the site. Twitter blue users will get approach the NTF portfolio, which will allow the users to update their token as a hexagonal profile photo.

 Downvote button

The downvote icon is well known among Reddit and Quora users. It is known as the dislike button on YouTube. This button is used to express disagreement with the post, and it indicates free democratic discussion. This button is still under testing process and available to some specific users. Twitter first time announced a test in 2021 and then post a tweet in 2022. In that tweet, they said that a microblogging company enhancing the test scope.

Twitter article

One of the most important changes of 2022 revolves around long threads. Twitter is now testing a service simply known as twitter articles. It is unknown what this service will be, but it will allow users to read long threads in an article format.


It is a popular feature that is available in Instagram stories. Provide the ability to share content only with chosen followers in groups.

How does flock function?

The feature allows users to share a tweet with a group of 150 people.  People are not alerted if they are removed from the group.

Edit button

The official Twitter account on 1 April 2022 posted a tweet and said that we are working on an edit button. This tweet got 1.3 million likes on 5th April. Twitter does not allow its users to edit their content after they have been sent. So if you make a typo in a tweet you have only the option to delete your tweet or reply with another one to clear the problem.

Tweet reaction videos

One of the most significant twitter updates of 2022 arrived with the release of tweet reaction videos. Users can create and customize their tweets as reaction videos or photos with the tweet included in them.

Twitter safety mod

What is a Twitter safety mod?

This distinctive feature permits users to give authority to Twitter to automatically block any account with harmful language.


My dear friends, in this article i wrote all quries about twitter app, all problems happen using twitter app and twitter app.

Twitter web

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