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Guess Paper English Class 2nd Year Short Questions & MCQs

(From Book-II)

Lesson # 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 12, 13, 15

Short Questions & MCQs (Mr. Chips)

Ch # 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17


Abide by, used to, according to, act on, agree to, addition to, agree on, appoint to, aware of, based on, blind to, break out, compare with, contrary to, carry out, deal with, dream of, entitled to, fall in, fit for, found off, on foot, get rid of, inflict on/upon, lack of, listen to, look after, make up, object to, pray for, part from, preside over, repent of, (by) road, swear by, sick of, take after, turn down, taste for, vain of, yearn for, yield to


My Favourite Personality, My Hobby/Pastime, My aim in life/My ambition, Co-Education


A bed of roses, A casting vote, A cat’s paw, a jail bird, above board, all in all, an amazon, at large, at length, bag and baggage, be taken aback, bird’s eye, black and blue, bread and butter, break the ice, broken reed, by leaps and bounds, call a spade a spade, carry the day, carry weight, cheek by jowl, come to light, drawn game, fair play, for good, French leave, get into hot water, get rid of, heart and soul, in a fix, in the air, keep an eye on, kith and kin, to make fun of, nip in the bud, off and on, off hand, part and parcel, a rainy day, rank and file, smell a rat, through thick and thin, tooth and nail, up to the mark

Phrasal Verb

Break into, break in, break out, break with, bring down, call at, call on, carry on, carry out, come by, come of, cut down, deal in, fall in with, get through, give up, be hard up, look down upon, look for, makeup, put down, put out, run over, see off, set in, set off, stand by, take after, take down, take in, turnover, work out

Translation Urdu to English

Matric Grammer & Sunshine Grammar

Final Words 

I hope this article is helpful for students to remember short questions and MCQs of an English book of a 2nd year in 2022. Please share this article with your friends and students for help of students on facebook, WhatsApp and platforms for informations and help.

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