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What Are The Latest SEO Techniques

What Are the Latest SEO TECHNIQUES?


If you want SEO well, listen to Google and user

 Have you ever encountered a situation where you keep SEO forever but the key does not go up or more SEO decreases? It will be very difficult if you continue to follow the old path, the old way of doing things but the work results are not improved, not only that, it will put a lot of pressure on SEO, sometimes making you bored leading to SEO boredom. There are many causes for this condition. And no matter what the reason, you must also keep in mind the following 2 things:

 If you want good SEO, listen to Google and users. Why say that if you want good SEO, listen to search engines, especially Google?


On-Page SEO Checklist:

Because we are in a war to get high rankings on search results, most of the battlefield is Google. That's why we need to understand what Google needs and what factors Google ranks the website on. By listening to the search engine we will understand it and then understand what needs to be done to optimize the website and achieve it. High rankings in search results.


 Google ranking factors:

Some factors you need to keep in mind when you want to please Google

      Keyword in URL: keyword must use in URL.                                                                                             

      Title and Meta description: Keywords should appear in the title and Meta description

    H1: Each page should have 1 H1 tag and it contains the main keyword and it will be the main content of that page.

    Arrange H2 to H6 tags, usually with articles only needing H2 and H3 tags and the keyword should appear at least once in the heading tags of the article.

    Depending on the content of the article, you can customize the number of times it appears, so that the article harmonizes the layout clearly and does not cause objection.

    Keywords: Keywords need to be highlighted in the content, distribute the keyword density most naturally so that Google knows what the main topic of the article is about, do not try to insert inappropriate keywords. And do not abuse inserting too many keywords that is offensive to users and unnatural to search engines.

      Internal linking: use internal linking to let Google Bot run around the web to point it to your website's quality content so that it can index content faster and rank on search results.

 Why say you want good SEO to listen to users?

 Google ranking checker

Because the ultimate purpose of SEO is just finding potential customers and turning them into your customers, selling goods -> businesses with revenue to continue to grow. So listen to your customers, be on their side to know what they need in the business, thereby optimizing the content so that when they have entered the website they have no reason to leave and find another source.

 Some things to keep in mind when you want to please users:

On-Page SEO factors:

 SEO Title and Meta description:

Title and Meta description: Use vocabulary combined with specialized vocabulary and combined keywords to write the most attractive title for users so that it is difficult for them to refuse when the website appears on the search results. (Do not underestimate the title and Meta description because it directly affects website traffic and loses potential customers to competitors).

 SEO Content for the article:

Content of the article: Write articles around the main keyword, stand with users to see what they need when searching for that keyword to write content to turn them into your customers. At the same time provide enough information so that users do not have to exit the search results and click on your competitors this will affect the quality of the website and increase the bounce rate and possibly lose customers to your hands. Competitor.

SEO keywords:

Keywords: The main keywords that users are interested in should be more prominent, and the heading tags corresponding to the main content of the article should be special and prominent so that users can easily find the information they need.

 Best SEO links:

 Internal linking: note fully supplementing internal links with keywords and related issues that users are interested in after reading the article, directing them to important issues surrounding the content. That they seek. This is very important, it will greatly affect the ranking on search results.

If you do it well, the content of the site will be appreciated and will probably rank higher in the search results; if not done well, other good articles will not be known to users and they may read 1 post and then exit, this greatly affects the website's bounce rate and the page's ranking on the SERPs. A few points to note about my "If you want good SEO, listen to Google and users".The article is based on personal experience and should be shared with those who need it. If you have other comments or additions, please share them below to make the article more complete and better.