Amazon Product Hunting Complete Method

Amazon Product Hunting Complete Method

Amazon Product Hunting Complete Method

Amazon Product Hunting Complete Method

Product hunting is the most important and initial step to start a business on amazon. Products Hunting is a best technique to get a profitable and good product for launching on Amazon. Here, I will discuss different methods that I have learned. If you are hunting a product for UK or US market, you must have tools. But if you are hunting for micro agencies, you can do it manually.

Amazon product Hunting Basic Tools : 

➡️ Merchant Word: To check search volume.

➡️ Jungle Scout: To check price, brand name, daily and monthly sales, listing age, ratings.

➡️ Helium 10  To check relevant  keywords, SV graph for main KW, Keyword's extraction, (H10 must show SV, CPR Giveaways, Competitor's rank, position rank, CPS to relevancy)

➡️ Viral Launch : To check detailed statistics,  sales trend and seasonality.

Amazon Product Hunting Methods:

 1) Amazon Generic KW 

▶️Go to amazon search bar and type any product.

▶️Apply price filter. )

▶️You will get different products on page.

▶️Select best suitable product.

 2) Best Sellers on Amazon 

▶️Go to amazon, click on best sellers. 

▶️Apply price filter.

▶️You can get an idea of most selling product's on amazon.

 3) Negative String Method 

▶️Go to amazon search bar, type (-) and random alphabets.

▶️It will show you different products on page.

▶️Apply price filter

▶️Try to check products from all pages.

 4) Ali Express 

▶️Check best suppliers, what type of product are they selling.

▶️You can also find products there.

 5) Ali Baba 

▶️Also check best supplier's here and find best suitable product.

 6) Pinterest 

▶️ You can also use Pinterest to find different products.

 7) Magent² , MW 

▶️You can also use these tools to find different kws.

▶️Just type a kW, it will show hundred's of different kws.

Basic Points of Amazon Product Hunting 

➡️While doing hunting

▶️Always apply price filter.

▶️Select your desired category.

▶️Don't choose any electric, glass or ceramic product.

▶️Atleast 70% sellers from top 16 listings should have >=4.5 rating.

▶️There shouldn't be more than 2 AMZ sellers in top 5 listings, 70% must be FBA  in top 10.

▶️Variations shouldn't be more than 4.

▶️After selecting your product, apply tools used for your targeted market.

▶️Check google trends graph.

▶️VL sales trend.

▶️Check Seasonality

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